Save Money With Commercial Motorized Blinds
August 19, 2022

Save Money With Commercial Motorized Blinds

Light can change the way that we look at environments. It drives many of the decisions in our day, both consciously and subconsciously. It can also be costly to control. From the heat it provides to the distraction that it can pose, the sun isn’t always on your side.

With automated blinds, though, you can give your commercial space an advantage. From automated programming to remote access, there are many ways that automated blinds can provide value and help you to save money. Here are a few examples: 

Climate Control

Sunshine feels lovely and warm when you are outdoors, but when it glares through windows, it can cause a significant indoor heat spike in the summer months. The solution that many offices, meeting rooms or conference centers deploy is air conditioning. This works, but can cost thousands of dollars depending on the size and needs of a space. Why not install a more viable solution for an energy-efficient office?

Automated blinds and smart shading solutions can be programmed to deploy and retract at certain times in the day. That way, you catch natural light for your space, without the heat of midday beating down. Smart blinds and automated shades can also be programmed to activate based on thermostat settings, just like a smart thermostat would.

How does this save your commercial space money? Well, in the summertime, reducing the amount of air conditioning required to cool down a large space can add up quickly. And in the winter, utilizing that same logic, heating costs can be reduced when sunlight is used to heat up your space. Build your energy-efficient office today with help from commercial motorized blinds.

Natural Light

A corporate hallway with a lot of natural light is outfitted with commercial motorized blinds.

Society has spent thousands of years solving the issue of light where light is needed. Fire, candles, electricity, and LED lights all help to mimic what the sun provides during daylight hours. While some climates have more opportunities to take advantage of sunlight than others, all spaces can run more efficiently by utilizing natural light. 

Lighting a commercial office space, convention center or other commercial property is expensive. Electricity is regularly one of the highest costs that business owners experience. Relying on natural light, though, can help to reduce the amount of electricity needed to illuminate a space. 

In addition to taking advantage of natural light to save money, automated blinds can automatically adjust to prevent natural light from causing unwanted distractions in office settings. Glare can make employees frustrated and unhappy. Programming smart shading solutions to ensure that they enjoy the glow of the sun, but not the glare of direct beams, can help increase productivity and overall office enjoyment. 

Fully Remote Control

Remember to reset the shades for a new day is another hurdle that commercial space owners face. If someone forgets, or there is a reason to raise or lower blinds when no staff are present, that is energy wasted. 

With smart shading solutions, automated blinds can be opened and closed from a remote control or app. This makes for simple scheduling and adjustment of your space. Additionally, these applications are able to tell you if the blinds are currently deployed or retracted. 

Work With AW Treatments 

Commercial motorized blinds can help your business start saving money today. When it comes time to install these solutions, make sure that you work with qualified professionals who can establish and adhere to completion timelines.

Architectural Window Treatments has experience installing in a wide variety of systems and commercial arenas. Whether you are looking to upgrade an office or a mass dwelling unit, we have the experience and the tools to help you achieve your goals. Find out more about us, or reach out to set up a consultation by exploring our website further. 


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