Innovative Window Treatments

One quick look at the photos in our design gallery below tells you all you need to know about how window treatments help visually with staging a home and striking an engaging atmosphere. Our knowledgeable team at Architectural Window Treatments can help you create a harmonious space, reflective of your values and personality. We specialize in projects of all sizes, from single-room makeovers to helping property managers across the country refurnish the windows of entire buildings.

Why Are Window Treatments Vital To Your Home Or Office?

Your window treatments not only help to manage natural light but say a lot about you. Having beautiful, customized curtains or drapes conveys a desire to showcase what’s inside. It projects a welcoming image, enticing visitors to come inside your home or office. Conversely, having ill-fitting, outdated, or faded window coverings conveys a sense of neglect or unprofessionalism if you’re a business. If you’re in the process of selling your home, having the appropriate window treatments often seals the deal.

Feeling Inspired? Contact Us to Request a Custom Consultation

Window treatments come in all sizes, colors, materials, heights, and widths to complement any décor and suit nearly any purpose. Finding the right fit for your needs depends on what you hope to accomplish. Some window treatments offer more privacy or protection from natural light, while other types are ideally suited for making your space more energy-efficient. From bedrooms to kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, we can help you make stylish choices, so your home looks like it just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. And if you run a business, we can help you transform your conference rooms, breakrooms, or lobby areas with modern window coverings to boost morale.

From traditional blinds, curtains, and drapes to blackout shades and automated window treatments, we’re sure to have it in stock at Architectural Window Treatments. We can also provide a one-on-one consultation to custom design something according to your unique preferences. If you’re feeling inspired to reinvigorate your space with updated window furnishings, contact us today!

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Audio & Visual Solutions

Looking for audiovisual integrations to pair with your custom Architectural Window Treatments? Our parent company, AVDG is the premier integrator known on a national scale for redefining client experiences through leading-edge technology, unrivaled service, and passionate people. Visit to learn more about their audiovisual solutions.

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