Why Workplace Aesthetic is Making a Comeback
September 9, 2022

Why Workplace Aesthetic is Making a Comeback

While debates about remote work continue, millions of Americans are returning to the office. This experience can be jarring for many employees who’ve enjoyed working remotely. In order to retain their teams, employers are scrambling for solutions to improve the workplace experience. Hybrid and flexible work schedules are gaining popularity, as is another unlikely fix for back-to-office malaise: redesigning office interiors

Enhancing the office aesthetic isn’t just about looks. Read on to learn how office improvements, from layout to window treatments, can make the Great Return successful for everyone. 

Boost Employee Health and Happiness

A key component of sustaining your business, especially as workers come back to the office, is prioritizing job satisfaction. Alongside operations and wellness initiatives, many businesses are recommitting to interior design that makes their teams feel better about being in the office. After being in the cozy design of their homes, typical office aesthetics can be draining and stark. A visually appealing office not only improves your clients’ perception of you, but your employees’ perception of their jobs. Making those aesthetic choices mindfully offers additional wellness benefits. For example: incorporating office window treatments that improve lighting have major benefits for mental and physical health.

Encourage Movement and Interaction

One of the main reasons business leaders want employees to return to the office is restoring communication and team engagement. Unfortunately, many office spaces are not designed to make that easy. How your office is set up is a window into how your teams will perceive their treatment and treat each other, so businesses are rethinking their floor plans. Research suggests that spatial design plays a role in employee interactions. More open spaces get employees moving which is helpful for maintaining their mental and creative presence, and also increased face-to-face time. 

Improve Productivity 

A core component of the remote work vs. office debate is productivity. Concerned about the output of their teams, businesses are finding solutions in interior design for office productivity. In addition to improving the aesthetic, design solutions can have a tremendous impact on output. Bringing living plants into the office can increase productivity by up to 15%. Studies also show that natural light boosts mental alertness and focus as well as overall mood, adding an additional boost to the quantity and quality of work. Even the colors you choose can have a dramatic effect on how your people function in the office. 

Upgrade Your Office with Architectural Window Treatments

Architectural Window Treatments has provided Chicagoland homes and businesses with stunning window solutions since 1999. Customized for seamless compatibility with your design, décor and workplace needs, our office window solutions deliver aesthetic enhancement while augmenting your Return to the Office initiatives. Our manual, automated and integrated systems are easy to use and tailored to your specifications, from size to material and color. Our innovative automated window treatments can work with the sun to control the climate and reap the most benefits from natural light. We provide expert guidance, selection and installation for an optimal office experience. To upgrade your workplace, reach out to us online or give us a call at (312) 815-8458. 

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