Residential Venetian Blinds


Modern Venetian blinds from Architectural Window Treatments provide much more than just exceptional privacy for your home. The wide range of choices suits every home’s decor, so homeowners can choose a style that boldly stands out or seamlessly blends in. From contemporary to traditional, you’re sure to find a style that suits your preferences. Along with the aesthetic appeal, many homeowners choose Venetian blinds because of their superior light control and room darkening capabilities.

An office with shades installed by Architectural Window Treatments.

The Many Styles And Benefits Of Venetian Blinds

One of the perks of using Venetian blinds for your home is that there are so many styles, materials, and colors to choose from. At Architectural Window Treatments, we offer an incredible variety of Venetian blinds, all of which will give you precision control over the lighting and ambience of every room. Consider the following types and styles of Venetian blinds for your home’s new look:

Wide or narrow slats

Narrow slats are perfectly suited to small windows. Consider using Venetian blinds with wider slats for larger windows.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds lend an ambience of sophistication and Old-World elegance to a home. Choose a shade of wood that complements the trim throughout the room.

Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are a unique combination of the beautiful look of wood with the low maintenance of metal.

Sheer Blinds

Sheer blinds are an exciting marriage of fabric shades and Venetian blinds. The soft fabric transforms the aesthetic appeal of the room, while the slats allow for maximum light control capabilities.

The Installation Process For Your Venetian Blinds

For superior functionality and optimal visual appeal, choose professional installation services by Architectural Window Treatments. We are the industry leaders, providing a continuum of customer care—from in-home design consultations to installation to ongoing customer support after the project is complete. Once you’ve chosen the perfect window treatments for your home, our skilled technicians precisely measure each window to ensure the proper fit. We’ll expertly install your new window treatments with an eye toward minimizing the disruption to your daily schedule. Before we leave your home, we’ll make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

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