Residential Automatic Blinds

Automatic Roller Blinds From Architectural Window Treatments

Upgrading your blinds to automatic roller shades can make your home feel like new again. Introduce a level of added convenience, beauty and efficiency unmatched by standard blinds. With options for shades, curtains, or blinds, Architectural Window Treatments offers styles for any home’s aesthetic.

Residential Roller Shades With Professional Installation

Our team of experienced technicians offers high-quality installations of your new motorized shades. We will help recommend which roller shades we think are right for your home. And once we install your new system, we’ll teach you how to operate and program it so you can get the most of your new shades.

Improving Your Home with Automatic Window Blinds

Installing automatic roller blinds or roller shades in your home is an excellent way to increase your home’s safety and comfort, while also reducing your energy usage. Here’s how:


Automatic blinds allow you to program them to cover and uncover your windows at specific times. This gives the appearance that someone is home, even if that’s not the case. Plus, you can operate them with the touch of a button – no cords to worry about.


Roller shades insulate windows to keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. They help keep heat from escaping through your windows while still being sheer enough to allow you to enjoy the view.


Roller shades allow you to maintain a consistent temperature in your home throughout the day. You can program your blinds to open in the morning and close during the sunniest times.

Classic, Elegant, and Functional Roller Shades

Roller shades aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer a variety of options with a range of functions and aesthetics to choose from. Whether you want a fashionable fabric or the appealing texture of a woven wood, you’ll find it at Architectural Window Treatments. Choose from a great selection of styles, colors, and materials and enhance your home’s aesthetics while saving on energy.

Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

In addition to a variety of automatic blinds for your home’s windows, we’re also proud to offer commercial window treatments, which you can program to be open during business hours and closed at night. As a premier commercial contractor, Architectural Window Treatments is your partner for automatic window treatments. Our team of experienced technicians is familiar with commercial window coverings and solar roller shades, which are a popular option for restaurants, offices, and storefronts. They allow you to keep an open, bright interior while keeping the harsh heat and glare of the sun out. Our team can custom design roller shades and mounting options that work for your commercial building.

Green Roofing in Chicago, IL commercial automated blinds

Choosing the Best Roller Shades

In addition to roller shades, Architectural Window Treatments also specializes in automated window treatments, honeycomb blinds, Venetian blinds, and drapery for your home, as well as automated shading systems, roller shades, horizontal shades, and commercial drapery options for your business or commercial building. Contact us today to learn more or request a custom quote.

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