Automated Shading Systems
for Your Property


Convenient, attractive, efficient—just a few words that describe automated shading systems. At Architectural Window Treatments, we’ve been providing our customers with technologically advanced window treatments since 1999, and we’re proud to say that we stay current as technology advances. Keep reading to learn how you can vastly improve your business or home with a simple change.

Impress Clients, Improve Productivity, And Add Style

It’s no secret that fluourescent lights hamper productivity and creativity in offices, and having an office full of huge windows has drawbacks, too. Our automated shading systems provide the perfect solution, letting in natural light while making your space more attractive and energy-efficient.

Automated shading systems can not only be easily raised and lowered with the click of a button but also programmed to do so throughout the day, blocking the sun and harmful UV rays automatically.

Our automated shading systems also provide great insulation, keeping out extreme temperatures during the winter and summer. Additionally, being able to lower the blinds as you start a presentation can help you look professional in front of clients and employees alike.

residential smart shades in Chicago AW Treat

Enhance Safety, Stay Stylish, And Conserve Energy

We offer an extensive selection of styles, colors, and transparencies to match your environment’s design aesthetic, both inside and out. Choose from conventional or modern designs, in different textures, patterns, and color palettes.

The automatic programming of the blinds can also be used to create the illusion that the office is occupied, helping to deter burglars. Plus, the cordless design makes the shades safe and easier to use. Contact us for more information or to request a consultation.

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