Why Should You Invest in Motorized Window Treatments?
August 11, 2015

Why Should You Invest in Motorized Window Treatments?

There are a number of advantages to updating your home window treatments with motorized window shades or motorized blinds in Chicago . If you’ve been considering motorized or automated window treatments, but weren’t yet sure if you wanted to commit to the investment, keep reading to learn about some of the many benefits.

Energy Saving Benefits
If your windows allow a lot of harsh sunlight into your home, your cooling system will have to work much harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. This increases your electric bills immensely. You can lower your energy costs by installing automatic shades or automatic blinds on all of your windows. These automated window treatments operate on sensors, and will close when the sun becomes too bright, even if you’re not home.

Increased Convenience
Motorized window treatments are a great convenience for anyone who has limited mobility. If you’re elderly, vision impaired, in wheelchairs, recovering from an injury or illness, or have other mobility issues, you can operate motorized window treatments with just the touch of a button. This is also incredibly helpful for children who have trouble reaching or operating the traditional cords and pulleys of most shades and blinds.

Added Security
If you’re away from your home for long periods of time, either while working or traveling, automated window treatments can be a great security measure for your home. Automated shade and automated blinds can operate on a timer, opening and closing according to a schedule that you create. This will ensure that they’re closed during the evening and night, when burglars or prowlers might be tempted to peer into your home to see if there are any valuables. You can also program your automated window treatments to open and close sporadically, according to a randomized sequence. Doing so will make your house appear as if it is occupied, even when it isn’t.

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