Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Windows
August 13, 2015

Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Windows

If you’re picking out new blinds in Chicago for the windows in your home, you have a lot of exciting options to choose from, such as Venetian blinds, automated blinds, and motorized blinds. The best window blinds will make your home more energy-efficient, afford you privacy, and fit in well with your lifestyle and home décor. Here is some information on a few different types of blinds that might help you choose the perfect new window blinds for your home.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are classic, sophisticated, and elegant. These traditional blinds control light and privacy via slats made of wood, aluminum, and composite materials. The slats come in different widths, and you can control the amount of natural light that enters a room by adjusting the blind’s slats. Venetian blinds afford your home a high level of privacy, as when they are completely lowered and the slats are closed, it is impossible to see into the home through the windows.

Automated Blinds
Automated blinds are an amazing, high tech window treatment that can save you money on your energy bill, and make it easier to protect the security of your home. Automated blinds can be controlled via sensors that operate on a software program. These sensors automatically adjust the blinds according to the position of the sun, allowing your home to retain natural light during the cooler parts of the day, and block out heat during the warmer parts of the day. This will make your home’s cooling system operate more efficiently, and will decrease your electric bill.

Motorized Blinds
Motorized blinds are the perfect option for a household that includes children, or anyone with mobility issues. Many children find it difficult to operate the cord and pulley system of traditional venetian blinds, or they may be too rough with the components and break them. People with mobility issues may not be able to get up easily to adjust blinds as necessary. Motorized blinds allow you to operate and adjust your blinds via remote control, without ever having to leave your seat.

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