Understanding How Automated Shade Systems Work
July 31, 2014

Understanding How Automated Shade Systems Work

There are many different automated window treatments in Chicago that can be customized to cover just about any type of window. If you want more control over your blinds or you are tired of adjusting the blinds on your tall windows, contact Architectural Window Treatment to see the automatic shades we can offer you. Read on to learn more about how automated shade systems work and the benefits of having them.

Battery-Operated Shades
Many of the automatic shades on the market are connected to a battery-powered remote control. The blinds are connected to a receiver with a motorized tubular design, which is located at the top panel or head rail of the shades. To operate the window blinds, you simply point the remote control at the receiver’s infrared sensor. If you are looking into an automated shade system, be sure to ask your window shades supplier what type of batteries it uses and how often they need to be replaced.

Remote Control
The remote control can usually be used up to 40 to 50 feet away from the automated shade system’s receiver to roll the blinds up or down. The remote control also allows you to open and close the slates or adjust their angles. Some remote controls can handle multiple blinds at the same time, especially if they are in the same room.

Benefits of Remote-Controlled Shades
Automated shade systems save you time by allowing you to control the light in your home with the push of a button. Many homeowners find that they adjust their blinds more often when they are connected to a remote-controlled receiver, especially those who have a number of taller windows or windows placed on the ceiling. When operated throughout the day, remote-controlled shades allow you to reduce your energy bills and have greater control over the ambience of your home’s interior.

Types of Remote-Control Shades
Automatic blinds can be found in 2-inch, silhouette, Levolor, miniblind, and multidirectional varieties. You can find blinds that split into two parts or roll in the center. It’s even possible to choose between vertical, horizontal, arched, and fan-shaped blinds.

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