Are Automated Window Treatments Right for Your Home?
July 24, 2014

Are Automated Window Treatments Right for Your Home?

Windows allow plenty of light into your home, which helps keep it warm in the winter and makes the room feel larger and more open during the daytime. But without the right window treatments in Chicago , your home may receive too much sunlight in the summertime, which increases your energy bill and creates glare. Getting automated window treatments can help you control your window treatments to let the perfect amount of light into your home. To find out if automated window treatments are right for your home, read on.

Do You Enjoy Watching Movies and TV?
If your living room has a lot of windows, and it is where your family gathers to watch TV or movies, automated window treatments are ideal. If there is glare on the screen when you’re watching something, you can just push a button to close the blinds or lower them to the desired level.

Do You Have Hard-to-Reach Windows?
If you have high windows or windows located on your ceiling, then you already know that adjusting them requires time and effort. Getting automatic blinds makes adjusting the blinds easier and faster, especially if you have lots of windows in your home. In many cases, people with a great deal of windows who have to manually raise and lower their blinds end up adjusting them infrequently. Having automatic blinds can encourage you to adjust the blinds several times throughout the day, which can save you money and make your home more comfortable.

Do You Entertain Often?
One of the easiest ways to impress your guests is to use your automatic blinds. But aside from that, automatic blinds make it easy to set the mood. If you also have light dimmers, automatic blinds are a great way to accentuate those lights while creating the ideal ambience.

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