Tips for Improving the Atmosphere of Your Conference Room
August 15, 2017

Tips for Improving the Atmosphere of Your Conference Room

If you want to have productive meetings, you need to have a productive meeting space. For many businesses, that means taking a closer look at the conference room. Poor conference room design, from uncomfortable seating to ineffective lighting control, will make your meetings longer and less efficient. Is it time to give your conference room in Chicago a facelift with some impactful changes, like automated window treatments ? If you’re ready to overhaul your conference space, keep these tips in mind.

Ditch Distractions

If your conference room furniture and equipment is lingering from your company’s early days, then there is a good chance you have some built-in distractions. Squeaky chairs, wobbling desks, and projectors that flicker may not make it impossible to hold a meeting, but they definitely take a toll on the attention of the attendees. Upgrade anything in your room that is just off-kilter enough to distract the people involved in your meetings. You may be surprised at how much more productive your conference room can be when everything just simply works the way it is supposed to.

Look to the Lighting

Lighting has a tremendous impact on your ability to work. In your conference room, your lighting should be bright enough to allow work to happen but not so overwhelming that the room feels cold and sterile. Using multiple lighting sources, such as overhead lights and lamps, will give you more control. Don’t overlook the impact of exterior light, as well. Bright sunlight can send a glare across your whiteboard or shine right in the eyes of some of the attendees. Motorized window treatments, such as automated shades, let you raise and lower the shades and blinds as needed, based on the time of day and conditions, with a simple click. That means you can get the lighting you need at any time without disrupting the meeting.

Cut the Crowding

There should be enough seating and workspace for attendees to engage with the meeting, but there should also be enough room to move around comfortably. Round tables encourage collaboration while opening up some floor area. Don’t use any kind of seating that is tiered, so no one can duck meeting involvement or monopolize the space.

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