Reasons to Choose Hunter Douglas for Your Home’s Window Treatments
August 8, 2017

Reasons to Choose Hunter Douglas for Your Home’s Window Treatments

To be effective, window treatments have to bridge the gap between form and function. They have to provide the control you need over your lighting, and at the same time, they have to complement your home décor. When you choose Hunter Douglas automated window treatments in Chicago , you get just that. The motorized shade and blind features are convenient to use and give you more control over your window treatments than ever before. The attention to design Hunter Douglas puts into their products also give you the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for in your window treatments. If you’re considering your options for automated blinds and shades, here are a few of the reasons to choose Hunter Douglas.


Hunter Douglas window treatments are available in a range of opacities, so you can choose the right amount of privacy for each space. Choose blackout or 100% opaque shades and blinds for bathrooms and bedrooms, and opt for sheer window treatments for parts of the home that need less privacy, like your kitchen. Combining the fabrics and materials that deliver the amount of privacy you want with the ease of automated systems means that the privacy you crave is always at your fingertips.

Light Control

The multiple options for materials and opacities means that you can also control the light in your rooms in the exact way you wish. For a better night’s sleep, choose blackout shades, and change the level of lighting in your home office depending on the time of day. Motorized shades and blinds make changing the amount of lighting you get effortless.

Energy Efficiency

A substantial amount of your heating and cooling can be lost through your windows. Shades and blinds reduce the amount of interior air you lose to the outside and cut the amount of exterior air that moves into your home and makes your HVAC work harder. Dressing up your windows will not only make your rooms look more complete, but will also help you cut your energy costs.

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