The Impacts of Effective Lighting on Job Performance
June 8, 2022

The Impacts of Effective Lighting on Job Performance

Employee productivity is the key to success for any business, particularly in our performance-driven society.

In the past, there was an emphasis on giving employees the right tools to do their jobs properly, but now, it is becoming increasingly important to consider their environments as well. Keep reading to learn how effective lighting can improve job performance.

Effective Lighting Makes Employees Happier

Office lighting is an aspect of business employers can overlook, especially when considering how to improve employee productivity and morale. We underestimate how much light can positively affect our physical and mental well-being, and that is true in work settings as well. It should therefore not be particularly surprising that natural light is in high demand by employees, outpacing other office perks like cafeterias, fitness centers, and childcare. However, not every office is situated in an area with access to a lot of natural light, which means that maximizing the existing light or finding alternative solutions is especially important. 

Color and Temperature Matter

Good lighting is like fuel; it rejuvenates us and prevents us from becoming fatigued at our offices. One way to achieve ideal lighting is to use light bulbs with cool-color temperatures. If your office does not have access to ample natural light, taking advantage of bulbs with cooler temperatures can actually mimic the effects of sunlight. We suggest a color temperature between 4000k and 6000k. 

Beware of Glare

Maximizing natural light should be the goal, but be careful because depending on your office’s location, you can also get too much of it, causing an excess of glare. Glare occurs when reflected or transmitted sunlight is too intense. Glare can be a nuisance for your employees, but luckily there are several solutions to this problem. 

We suggest finding high-quality window blinds and shades for your office. Window blinds and shades can both control glare and minimize heat. When considering window blinds installation, consider the size of your office and its location. Window blinds and shades will allow your employees to choose how much light they want to let in and will keep energy costs low. 

Automated lighting and custom window systems are also forward-thinking solutions. Optimal lighting is difficult to maintain throughout the day when considering variables such as cloudiness, office size and your office’s proximity to other buildings. The best way to maintain optimal lighting is by using automated lighting and custom window systems. Automated window blinds installation is easy and scalable depending on your office’s size and will save you money in energy costs long-term.

Bring Effective Lighting to Your Office with Architectural Window Treatments

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