Architectural Window Treatments Guide to Selecting the Right Blinds
May 18, 2022

Architectural Window Treatments Guide to Selecting the Right Blinds

Windows inform the comfort, style and ambience of your space.

They’re among the key features people seek and inspect when searching for a new home. Studies show that having a window view improves overall wellbeing, concentration and mood, while natural light has tremendous benefits for our circadian rhythm. Blinds have helped people optimize their windows since ancient times, when strips of wet cloth were pulled over windows to cool huts in hot weather. Today’s interior window treatments can offer privacy, improve energy use and enhance the aesthetic of a home.

Today, a variety of blinds are available that provide distinct function and aesthetic appeal, so choosing the right custom blinds for your space can seem like an imposing task. Here’s a guide to make it easier.

Consider Your Home Climate

The variety of blinds available aren’t just about different stylistic choices. They also speak to your wants, needs and concerns as a homeowner. A major contemporary concern is energy consumption. Honeycomb blinds are an ideal solution for maintaining a comfortable home climate without relying on heating and air conditioning. Their cellular shape traps air in long, interior channels for more effective insulation. Rooms with extra sun exposure, especially high rise and penthouse spaces, benefit tremendously from honeycomb blinds.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Having control over the lighting of a space is another consideration for choosing blinds for your home. Controlling light in bedrooms, living and dining rooms is particularly desirable and can be achieved beautifully with venetian blinds. The slats of venetian blinds can be easily adjusted throughout the day to allow the desired amount of light in, or block out light completely depending on the material you choose. With superior room-darkening capabilities, venetian blinds can enhance naptime, movie time and sleeping in on Saturday morning.

Consider Automation

As smart homes gain popularity, automated and motorized blinds are frequently among the first modern improvements homeowners install. Motorized blinds and shades offer enhanced energy efficiency, convenience and elegance to a space. Like other cordless options, they bring extra safety to nurseries and children’s rooms, while enabling you to control the privacy of those, and other, spaces with the touch of a button or automated preset. Automated window solutions provide added security by creating the illusion of a presence in the home when no one is there.

Find the Right Custom Blinds with Architectural Window Treatments

Architectural Window Treatments offers a wide range of custom blinds, perfectly crafted to fit the specifications of your windows regardless of size or shape. Available in a variety of styles and materials, cordless and motorized options, finding the right blinds for your home is made simple. Our expert staff will happily provide guidance based on your needs throughout the home, aid in selection and offer precision installation for optimal aesthetic appeal and function. Architectural Window Treatments has helped Chicago homeowners enhance their spaces with visually stunning, superior-performance custom blinds and shades for more than 20 years.

For a seamless and curated selection process, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect custom blinds.

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