The Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Motorized Shades
December 13, 2016

The Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Motorized Shades

Automatic shades near Chicago may be the perfect addition to your store or office because they are easily programmable to respond to your employees’ habits and the movement of the sun. If you have been toying with the idea of installing motorized and automated window treatments at your commercial building , then read more for some answers to your questions.

Can they improve employee productivity?

Motorized and automated window treatments can improve your employees’ productivity in several ways. With automated and motorized shades, you will have much more light control, which can improve your employees’ moods and professional performances. These window shades can be programmed to raise or lower as the sun moves around your building. They can also come with ultraviolet light blocking technology that will filter in endorphin-raising, natural light without annoying glares across computer screens.

Can they reduce year-round energy costs?

In addition to increasing your employee production, you will experience lower energy costs after installing motorized and automated window shades. Certain window shades, like the innovative honeycomb shade design, add insulation to your windows and lower your heating and cooling bills. These shades are comprised of hundreds of interlocking compartments, which trap air against entering or leaving your commercial building. Your heating and cooling appliances will work less, which will equal lower energy costs and fewer repair or replacement costs throughout the year. Many window treatments will also block the sun’s harmful rays from entering a room, which will reduce the amount of fading on your flooring and business equipment.

Can they be programmed in different ways?

Automated and motorized commercial blinds can be programmed to raise and lower a few different ways. You may choose to set a specific time of day that the shades will raise or lower, such as when your store or office opens and closes. You may prefer to set it according to the sun’s movements, so the shades will block or allow in the sun as you choose. Speak with your automated and motorized shades installer about the many features your office can enjoy.

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