Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter with Automated Window Treatments
December 6, 2016

Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter with Automated Window Treatments

Winter weather is already here in many cities around the country, and that means it is time to conserve the heat in your home. Installing motorized and automated window treatments may be the right step to improve your home’s warmth control this winter. With new and insulated window treatments in Chicago, you can take heat from the sun as it passes over your home and trap it for preserved warmth later. Let’s look at how you can keep your home warmer this coming winter.

Install the Right Window Treatments

Some window treatments are up to the task of keeping warmth in your house and making sure the cold stays out; other treatments may only be good for blocking light and incoming heat. To keep your home warmer this winter, look for insulated  window treatments that will capture the heat and insulate your house with it. Honeycomb shades are great window treatments that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You may also install reversible shades that have a light color on one side and a dark color on the other side; these colors will reflect or absorb the heat of the sun when you reverse them as the seasons dictate.

Program the System by the Sun’s Movements

By installing motorized and automated window treatments, you will have full control over your window coverings, even when you are not at home. Many automated and motorized blinds use smart technology to respond to various factors throughout the day. You can program your system to raise or lower your blinds as the sun moves around your house. This feature can allow in the sun’s heat with raised blinds and conserve it by lowering the binds once the sun has passed.

Utilize Other Home Features

In addition to using the right window treatments, consider other improvements you can make that will better insulate your home against the winter cold. You may upgrade your windows with multi-paned and insulated features. You can also add more insulation throughout your home to further buffer it against cold in the winter and heat in the summer.

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