Your motorized and automated window treatments play just as much of a role in your interior décor as the wall paint, art, and furniture. Your automatic shades near Chicago can communicate a lot about your personal style and make a statement as part of your décor theme. There are simple ways to choose the right color window shade to coordinate and complement your interior design.

Complement Your Colors

The best way to make sure your shades match your décor is to find complementary colors or neutral tones. If you have a bright and colorful décor, then you may want to go with a muted color, such as white, beige, tan, or gray. This will ensure your motorized and automated window treatments always match your interior décor. If you want to have more color in your home, then look for tones that will match and complement your current décor. For example, if your living room has an ocean and blue theme, then look for a light blue window shade that will bring some more color, but will not overpower your current theme.

Keep Your Rooms Light

Motorized and automated window treatments, such as roller shades, are the perfect way to block the heat of the sun, while still allowing in light to fill a room. To keep your house from feeling small or cluttered, keep your shades light in color. This will allow in the maximum amount of natural light, which will create a soft and light tone around the room and house.

Be Bold with Patterns

One of the great designs of shades comes from the ability to use fun patterns and bold colors. In the event that your décor is more muted or light in tone, do not be afraid to bring some color into the room through your window treatments. Due to the large variety of colors and designs offered in window shades, your options in creating a fun décor are almost limitless.

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