Before you purchase your motorized and automated window shades, you need to determine where each window treatment will go in your home. From small windows to large, you will not go wrong when you place your motorized and automated window treatments.

Hard-to-Reach Windows

Motorized and automated window treatments are the perfect solution for windows that are located too high to safely reach. Even windows that are put in awkward locations or have furniture placed in front of them should be treated with motorized and automated roller shades. By installing these convenient shades in hard-to-reach locations, homeowners will have easier access to control the light and temperature that enter a room. They will not have to risk their safety or be put in an awkward position in order to reach a window cord. Homeowners can simply press a button, and their shades will move where they desire.

Large Windows

If you are lucky enough to have large or bay windows installed in your home, then you also know it can be a pain to pull on a long cord to get your blinds to move up and down. With this constant and hard tugging, the cord is likely to fail sooner than usual, and it presents numerous safety concerns if you have children or animals underfoot. Adding motorized and automated window treatments such as roller shades means you will not have to worry about a dangerous, dangling cord. With a push of a button, your shades will easily move up and down to cover the full length of your large windows.

All Windows

Installing motorized and automated window treatments is the perfect way to cover every window in your home. Many automated functions can be preprogrammed to respond to sunlight, time of the day, and temperature of the room. With these functions and more, you will never have to worry about the coverage for any window in your home.

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