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When it comes to window treatments for living rooms, you have many options for your Chicago home. Architectural Window Treatments is here to make sure you get the perfect blinds for your living room. We offer many styles, including Venetian blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, horizontal blinds, and more. You know you want something stylish and functional to cover your windows, but you may not know exactly what that should be. We’re here to help! Learn more about what to consider when selecting blinds for your living room.

How to Choose the Correct Slat Size for Your Blinds

Window blinds continue to be one of the most popular choices for window coverings. They add style to your décor while providing security and protecting your furniture from harmful UV rays. Blinds come available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. One of the first things you’ll want to do is to measure your window blinds. Be sure you measure the slat sizes while you’re at it. Blind slats can be made of metal, wood, vinyl, or faux wood. They can be tilted or opened to allow you to see outside or have more privacy. Before you purchase your window blinds, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Mounting Depth – Do you want to mount your blinds inside the window frame? If so, you can’t put a larger slat in the window than your available mounting depth. Be sure you measure the size of the window from the window to the wall to determine this depth measurement.
  • Privacy or View – Think about whether you prefer privacy or a nice view. Larger slats give you better views when open but may not offer quite as much privacy. Choosing a smaller slat will provide you with more privacy.
  • Blind Holes – If you want to keep a room dark, choose blinds with hidden holes or fewer route holes. Selecting the right slat size affects the amount of light that comes in from the window, as well as the finished look of the window.
  • Proportion of the Window – This one is simple. Choose larger slats for large windows and smaller slats for small windows.
  • Amount of Light – Do you want the room to be completely dark when the blinds are shut? Smaller slats generally allow more light into a room while larger slats make rooms darker. Consider the style and material of the blinds as well. Curved slats can reflect the light in a room, and aluminum is reflective.
  • Cost Factor – Each type of slat comes with a different price point. If you’re on a budget, you might need to narrow down your choices.

Understanding the Slat Sizes of Different Window Blinds

Once you know the type and size of slats you want for your window blinds, you need to understand the available slat sizes for different types of window blinds. Not choosing the correct slat size means you may end up with blinds that don’t fit your window correctly and don’t provide the benefits you were wanting. While all window blinds may seem similar to the untrained eye, they’re all quite different. Learn more about the slat sizes for the following types of window blinds:

  • Faux Wood Blinds – If you want the look of real wood, you can opt for faux wood blinds, which are offered in sizes of two and 2.5-inch slats. Blinds with 2.5-inch slats are ideal for larger windows. They allow in more light and give you an excellent view while the slats are open.
  • Aluminum Venetian Blinds – This option is great if you like blinds that are moisture- and stain-resistant. Aluminum blinds come in one- and two-inch slat sizes. The smaller version is ideal for natural light and privacy, while the larger option is excellent for light control for large windows. Aluminum blinds are also quite durable and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl Blinds – This option comes available in standard one- and two-inch slat sizes. Choose vinyl blinds if you want a stylish window covering that’s strong, durable, and moisture-resistant.
  • Wood Blinds – Nothing beats the look of real wood blinds, which come in standard one- and two-inch slat sizes. The smaller option can create a busier look and limits your view of the outside. The larger choice gives you a more traditional look.
  • Narrow Slat Vertical Blinds – For better light control and privacy, you can go with 3.5-inch slats for vertical blinds. Be sure to measure for your vertical blinds using the fabric’s hem to hem length, not including the track.

We’re Here to Help You Choose the Perfect Blinds

It’s helpful to understand how to choose the perfect blinds for your home’s windows, but we don’t expect you to be an expert. Our team here at Architectural Window Treatments would be happy to help you choose the right blinds for your living room or any other area of your Chicagoland home. We proudly offer residential and commercial window treatments that can be customized to your specifications. Our design experts would be happy to hear what you have in mind and recommend some of your best window treatment options. In addition to blinds, we also offer automated window treatments, roller shades, and drapery options to complement any home décor style. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to request your free consultation.

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