What Is the Difference Between Shades and Blinds?
April 9, 2015

What Is the Difference Between Shades and Blinds?

When you are trying to find the right window treatments in Chicago , it is important to understand the difference between the most basic styles. Keep reading to find out the main differences between shades and blinds.

Shades are window treatments made from fabric. You usually pull a cord to raise or lower them. They come with different opacity levels that give you the ability to control how much natural light filters into the space. You can even choose blackout shades that keep light entirely out of the room.

Blinds are considered hard window treatments because they are made from slats. You can keep all of the slats closed for optimal light and privacy control or open them to any angle that you prefer. You can also pull all of the slats all the way open to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Both shades and blinds bring different kinds of benefits to an interior space.

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