Understanding the Power Options for Your Motorized Window Treatments
July 21, 2015

Understanding the Power Options for Your Motorized Window Treatments

The decision to purchase automatic blinds or other motorized window treatments in Chicago is not one that you will regret. However, you will have to decide how to power your new blinds. Each of the different power options has its own individual benefits and drawbacks, and there are a number of factors that may determine how appropriate each type of treatment is for your home or office.

Solar Power
Because solar powered motorized window treatments need sunlight in order to function, it’s important to consider any factors that may inhibit sunlight from reaching your home or office. These factors may include large trees near your window or even the side of the house where the window is located. If one side of your building typically gets much more sunlight than the others, that side will be more appropriate for solar powered treatments.

DC Power Adapter
While a DC power adapter might not offer you free energy like a solar powered unit, it does still has its advantages. This option does not require any additional wiring setup, which is convenient if you want to put up your blinds and start enjoying them immediately. You may also want to consider a DC power adapter if you have outlets that are easily accessible from your windows. Your automated window treatment installers in Chicago may also be able to wire your blinds or shades into the power supply to hide wires for a streamlined look.

If your home or office does not receive much sunlight and you do not have outlets near your windows, battery powered window treatments are the way to go. Battery powered motorized window treatments are easy to install and will not compromise the aesthetic appeal of your treatments. These motorized blinds are also advantageous in that they will not take up a space in your outlet or power strip like a DC power adapter will.

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