Tips for Cleaning Your Motorized Blinds
April 28, 2016

Tips for Cleaning Your Motorized Blinds


Your automatic shades in Chicago are the same as any other window blind. They get dirty and dusty just like everything else and they need to be cleaned. Don’t let poor cleaning habits or knowledge negatively affect your blinds. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when you’re cleaning your window shades. Always remember, when in doubt consult your window treatments installation company for help.


Use the Brush Attachment

Especially if you have fabric blinds or shades, you’ll need to use your vacuum to clean them. This doesn’t mean trying to lug the huge vacuum over your head, though! Get a brush attachment for your vacuum so that you can reach the hard-to-reach areas close to the ceiling, as well as suck dirt and dust out of the fabric effectively.

Use Lamb’s Wool

A great way to keep your motorized and automated blinds looking spotless is to dust them regularly. Don’t use a regular plastic duster. Invest in a lamb’s-wool duster, and work across the slats—if you have Venetian blinds—and make your way down. This way you can catch any falling dust.

Use a Rubber Sponge

There is a product known as a rubber sponge, or dry sponge. You can usually find this at your local hardware store. This tool is very effective at removing dirt and dust from fabric and vinyl blinds. There is no need to wet it or add any soap; just wipe the rubber sponge across your blinds and shades.

Never Soak

No matter the type of window treatments you have, you’ll never soak them or spray cleaners directly on them. If you need to perform a spot treatment or wet wooden blinds for easier dusting, you can by using a damp towel. Never put water directly onto your blinds.

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals

If your blinds have become very dirty, or you’re unsure of how to get a stain out, call your local dry cleaner or professional window treatment installer.

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