The Transformational Benefits of Automated Window Treatments
March 15, 2022

The Transformational Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

Architectural Window Treatments is a leading provider of custom manual and automated window solutions. Keep reading to learn the top transformational benefits of automated window treatments. 

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Harnessing the power of our windows is a key component in reducing our energy-usage. 75% of people who have operable window treatments report that their window coverings stay in the same place year round. Even those who do adjust their shades when they’re home miss out on maximizing their positioning when they’re out of the house. Automated window solutions can be changed with the push of a button, or integrated with smart home systems to automatically change with the position of the sun. This feature can dramatically reduce energy consumption in heating and cooling seasons. Automated window treatments also enable you to make better use of natural light. In turn, this results in a reduction in reliance on lighting fixtures. 

Protect What You Love

Automated window treatments offer a variety of protective benefits. As anyone with young children and pets can attest, the cords and strings of conventional window treatments can be hazardous. Automated window treatments have no cords, thus eliminating this risk. They also make it easier to protect your furniture, flooring and special belongings from UV damage. Integrated with smart home systems, automated window treatments can be programmed to open and close at different times, helping maximize security while you’re away. With automated window solutions, the touch of a button can be all it takes to cultivate a sense of safety. 

Transform Your Lifestyle 

From cultivating a sophisticated home atmosphere to enhancing the convenience of every day home experience, automated window treatments transform your lifestyle. Set the ambiance for a romantic dinner, or make the perfect setting for movie night with ease. Wake up to sunlight with the touch of a button. Integrated with smart home technology, automated window treatments can be programmed to adjust automatically, helping your home support a natural circadian rhythm for you and your family. This intersection of aesthetic appeal and modern convenience provides multifaceted home satisfaction. 

Transform Your Home with Architectural Window Treatments

Architectural Window Treatments has provided Chicagoland homes and businesses with stunning window solutions since 1999. Tailored to blend seamlessly with your design, décor and lifestyle needs, our shading systems are attractive, easy to use, and built to last. Our innovative automated window treatments provide comfort, security and transformative value to your home. With manual, automated and integrated systems available, Architectural Window Treatments provides expert guidance, selection and installation for an optimal home experience. To see how our work has helped transform homes like yours, browse our gallery.  When you’re ready to elevate your home environment, reach out to us online or give us a call at (312) 815-8458.

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