The Advantages of Motorized Shades for Your Commercial Space
September 1, 2015

The Advantages of Motorized Shades for Your Commercial Space

Installing motorized window treatments is extremely beneficial for an office building with many windows. Motorized shades can increase the office’s security, and can also save the company money on energy bills. Here are some of the key advantages to installing automated window treatments near Chicago .

Energy Efficiency
Window shades and blinds afford you the opportunity to both let light in and block light when it’s most advantageous to you. Automated window treatments allow you to set up a schedule that can maximize your office’s energy efficiency. Utilizing natural light instead of fluorescent overhead lights will save you money on lighting costs for the office. Additionally, you can make sure that the office’s blinds and shades are closed when the sunlight is at its harshest, which prevents added heat from entering the building. This will help the office’s cooling system operate efficiently, and decrease cooling costs.

Ease of Operation
It’s hard to rely on your staff to remember to make sure that the office’s blinds and shades are opened and closed when necessary. They have other, much more important work to do throughout the day. Installing an automated window system means that no one will have to waste their time opening or closing all of the window treatments in the office multiple times per day. Motorized window treatments also save time and money, as they are operated by simply pushing a button. This decreases the risk of incurring the costly damage or destruction that often occurs to traditional blinds and shades, when people become impatient or rough when operating the delicate cords and pulleys.

Increased Security
It’s extremely advantageous to an office building’s security to close all shades and blinds when the office is unoccupied. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and office thefts often occur when a criminal can easily look through your office windows and see expensive and valuable equipment to steal. Installing automated window treatments means that you won’t have to rely on employees to remember to close the shades and blinds when they leave for the day.

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