Spotlight on Smart Grid Solutions
July 18, 2016

Spotlight on Smart Grid Solutions

Window shades in Chicago should already be effective at their jobs—blocking and allowing in light where necessary, blocking heat, and creating privacy. With the help of smart grid solutions, your shades can be even more effective. Smart grid solutions can control your motorized and automated window treatments just as effectively as your overhead lighting.

Control Various Lighting Elements

Smart grid solutions offer businesses the ability to control their light exposure in a variety of ways. With this advanced technology, businesses can control how much overhead lighting is present throughout the building or in one space. Smart grid solutions also offer the ability to direct natural light through automated and motorized blinds. By directing natural light, businesses will see a great increase in productivity and better moods. Instead of allowing employees to work under harsh, overhead lighting throughout the day, your employees can use the light to their advantage. They can change the available lighting to optimize whatever task they are working on. This is crucial because the lighting needed to work on the computer is different from the lighting best used when working on paper tasks.

Receive Greater Incentives

By installing smart grid solutions, your energy company will usually offer incentives. These might be in the form of added savings, minimal fees, or direct cash incentives. Your energy company can better explain the type of incentives your business can receive after installing the smart grid solution.

Reduce Excessive Energy Use

Responsible environmental and energy use is becoming more important to businesses and their employees. By showing you are concerned about your business’ environmental impact, your environmentally-conscious employees will be more apt to work hard for your business. Smart grid solutions can control your window shades, lights, and other electronic appliances based on natural indicators and the energy company’s peak usage times. By controlling these variables, your business can save up to 70% through energy reduction with smarter solutions.

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