If you are looking for a new, sophisticated window treatments near Chicago for your home or office, consider installing window shades. Lutron window shades include automated window shades, motorized shades, roller shades, venetian blinds, and honeycomb shades.

Lutron’s high-tech motorized shades can be operated via remote control, affording you the luxury of easily adjusting the light in any room without even leaving your seat. Their automated shading systems use a solar-adaptive software system that automatically adjusts the shades during the day, according to the position of the sun. This will save you money on cooling costs, and will also reduce harsh light and glare in your home.

In addition to using advanced technology to increase your comfort and decrease your energy bill, Lutron window shades are also sleek and elegant. Their window shades are available in a variety of fabrics and designs, making it easy to find window treatments that complement your home décor.

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