Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds
December 8, 2017

Rental Property Manager? Follow These Tips for Picking Blinds

You have quite a few responsibilities to tend to as a rental property manager, and one of them is making the house or apartment worth renting. An attractive living space will encourage people to apply to become tenants, while a dilapidated space will just turn people away. At the end of the day, however, the tenants aren’t the ones who own the space—the landlord will still want the space to be affordable and energy-efficient. When you’re looking for automated window treatments near Chicago, choose residential blinds that are universally appealing and easy to maintain. Continue reading to learn more tips for picking blinds for your rental space.

Look for Energy Efficiency

Depending on your lease agreement, it might be the landlord or the tenants who pay for the energy bills. Regardless of who pays for the energy, the way the energy is used will affect the longevity of the appliances. The tenants may crank the heat during the winter and blast the air conditioner during the summer, which can take its toll on the appliances that the landlord originally paid for. That’s why it’s smart to choose automated window treatments that help control the indoor environment, so tenants won’t have to overuse the HVAC appliances. Energy-efficient blinds reduce heat transfer into and out of the house, helping to protect heating and cooling appliances in the long run.

Consider the Maintenance

If the landlord is supplying the automated window treatments for the rental property, the blinds should be easy to maintain. Luxury shades that require a lot of upkeep might not make it through the end of the lease term. Simple blinds that are easy to maintain, on the other hand, should last through multiple sets of tenants.

Go for the Middle of the Road

Keep colors in mind when you choose blinds for the apartment. Lighter colors make the space look more open, but darker hues are less likely to show dirt and wear. If you’re trying to find tenants, choosing the right blinds can help. Don’t choose loud, hard-to-match colors. Find a middle ground and choose automated blinds in a simple, neutral color, such as beige or gray.

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