Give Your Office Building a Facelift with Motorized Shades
December 27, 2016

Give Your Office Building a Facelift with Motorized Shades

Just as homes go through regular décor changes, so should office buildings. With motorized and automated window treatments, you can give your office building a much-needed facelift. Commercial shades in Chicago can update your office décor and provide greater privacy for employees. Let’s take a look at how automated and motorized window shades improve your office space.

Update Your Technology

A sure way to give your office building a facelift is by updating your technology. In addition to using faster computers and updated software, it is wise to install automated and motorized window treatments for all of your windows. Window shades are the most common commercial window treatment because they are sleek and unimposing. By installing automated and motorized window shades, your company will have the latest window treatment technology. With greater control over your window treatments, you can lower your office’s energy bills and control the amount of sunlight that enters the building.

Improve Your Décor

Motorized and automated window treatments can come in a variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and designs to match any décor in your office building. Whether your office building houses different companies or one distinct décor scheme, window shades can accommodate a vast number of variables. You can choose window shades that are neutral in color and appearance; these can also come in sheer fabrics that will block sunlight and allow easy viewing outside. Window shades can also come in colors or designs to match a specific design scheme throughout your office building.

Enhance Your Privacy

Window shades can be installed on exterior and interior windows throughout your office building. Windows facing the exterior will utilize shades to block sunlight, but interior windows can enhance your employees’ privacy. Many companies work with sensitive information, such as client records and patented technology. It is necessary to keep this information, and discussions about it, private throughout the working day. Automated and motorized window treatments can easily be installed on interior windows to ensure that employees have the privacy needed to securely discuss sensitive information.

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