Common Uses for Motorized Window Shades
August 4, 2015

Common Uses for Motorized Window Shades

In addition to being convenient and luxurious, automatic motorized window shades also serve several important purposes. For example, motorized window shades may enhance the security of your home, allow you to enjoy a movie in total comfort, and cover large windows in a practical manner. Continue reading for a detailed look at some of the most common uses for motorized window shades in Chicago.

Motorized window shades can boost the security of your home in a number of ways. Children are full of curiosity, and unfortunately this curiosity sometimes motivates them to play with things that can be dangerous. There have been many fatalities due to children playing with the cords and drawstrings of manual blinds. Motorized window shades do away with these hazards entirely and are operated via remote control. In addition to removing this threat, automatic shades can also protect your home while you are away. If you set your motorized treatments to a timer, you can have them adjust throughout the day to make it seem like the house is occupied.

Setting the Mood
Different amounts of light may be appropriate for different activities or times of day. Motorized window shades are perfect in bedrooms, home movie theaters, and other rooms where you frequently adjust the blinds. Rather than getting up and walking over to the shades or blinds every time you want to open or close them, you can sit right where you are and operate your window shades using a remote.

Treating Tall Windows
While tall windows can be very pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, they can be impractical when paired with manual blinds. Motorized window shades allow you to easily operate the treatments on your tall windows so that you can open and close them whenever you feel the desire. And if you have multiple windows that are hard to reach, motorized window shades can save you lots of time and effort compared to manually raising or lowering blinds and curtains.

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