Can Window Treatments Prevent Computer Eyestrain?
April 4, 2017

Can Window Treatments Prevent Computer Eyestrain?

If your job requires a computer, chances are that you spend a significant number of hours looking at a computer screen every day. Headaches, blurred vision, and difficulty focusing on tasks are all common symptoms of computer eyestrain. Fortunately, by installing automated window treatments in your office, you can help to prevent these symptoms. A motorized blinds company that offers motorized window treatments can install dark commercial blinds that can help to make your eyes more comfortable when you are in the office. Let’s take a look at three ways that window treatments could help you prevent computer eyestrain.

Darken Office Interior

While it may seem counterintuitive, a bright office interior has actually been linked to increased instances of computer eyestrain. If you install light blocking window treatments in your office, you will be able to darken your interior spaces considerably. Along with installing light blocking window treatments, it may also be necessary to equip your office space with light bulbs that emit less light.

Cut Down on Screen Glare

When your office windows do not have proper coverings, they can create a significant amount of glare on the surface of your computer screen. After several hours of looking at your computer, you may start to find that this window screen glare gives you a headache or causes other symptoms. New window treatments will reduce screen glare and help you to spend longer on your computer, without experiencing eyestrain symptoms.

Lower Screen Brightness

In order to compensate for high amounts of glare coming from your office windows, you may find that it is necessary to adjust the brightness of your computer screen. Making your screen very bright in order to combat window glare can put you at greater risk of developing eyestrain over the course of your day at work. After you have installed dark window treatments over your office windows, you will find that you are able to set your office computer screen to a dimmer, more comfortable level of brightness.

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