Are Venetian Blinds right for Your Formal Living Room?
October 25, 2017

Are Venetian Blinds right for Your Formal Living Room?

Venetian blinds are slatted blinds that can be easily raised, lowered, opened, and closed. They allow you to customize the amount of light you let into your space at any time. If you’re considering living room window treatments and are wondering if Venetian styles can fit into a formal space, here is what you need to know.

Venetian blinds are extremely versatile, so they can work in a number of different settings. You can choose from a nearly endless array of colors and slate sizes, so it is easy to customize the blinds for your needs. For a formal living room, you could choose Venetian blinds that blend in unobtrusively with the rest of your décor, or you may opt to choose blinds in a bold accent color for contrast, without losing any of the formality of your design.

Consider choosing automated Venetian blinds to make them more functional for your space. These motorized blinds can be raised and lowered with a remote system, so you can adjust the light in the space according to your needs.

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