Add Luxury to Your Home With Automatic Shades
December 24, 2015

Add Luxury to Your Home With Automatic Shades

Whether you are designing a new home, or are simply updating your current residence, motorized window treatments will make a fabulous addition to your indoor spaces. Motorized blinds and automated Roman shades can be placed throughout every window in your home. With the help of a company offering automatic shades serving Chicago, you will be able to create custom motorized window treatments that are specifically tailored to the size and shape of your windows. New automated window treatments will instantly boost the luxury and convenience of every room in your home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic benefits that automatic shades have to offer you.

Ease of Operation

One of the greatest benefits of automatic shades is the amazing ease of operation that this technology can provide for your household. Unlike conventional shades, which must be drawn and closed using a cumbersome cord, automatic shades can be controlled using a button or remote. This technology is particularly useful if you have windows that are located in high or hard to reach areas.

Sun and Shade Control

Automatic shades will also provide you with precise control over the amount of sunlight or shade in each room on your property. On a hot, sunny day, for example, you can use your automatic shades to block the sun’s rays. Once you are ready to let light back in, you can draw your shades using a central control panel. Advanced light detecting technology can also allow your shades to automatically adjust throughout the day.

Improved Security

When you are planning an extended vacation or time away from your residence, automatic shades can be used to boost the security of your property. Your automatic shade installer can connect your shades to a timer, which will open and close your window treatments at pre-programmed times throughout the day. By continuing your regular window covering routine, your automatic shades can help to deter potential burglars.

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