Architectural Window Treatments is your one-stop location for automated and motorized window treatments in Chicago. We carry a wide selection of residential and commercial blinds that are all available in automated and motorized options. Here is a better look at the various motorized and automated window treatments you can find in our Chicago showroom :

  • Some of our most popular window treatment options are our roller and honeycomb shades. These motorized and automated window treatments come in several different colors, designs, and sizes to fit any window in your house or business. Our showroom specialists will show you different fabrics and tell you about the different benefits you will experience.
  • We also carry Venetian blinds that come in real wood, faux wood, aluminum, and a fabric-blind combination. A fabric-blind combination allows you the privacy of window shades with the light filtration that comes with window blinds.
  • Architectural Window Treatments also offers draperies for commercial window treatments. These window treatments are also available in automated and motorized control systems.

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