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Window treatments are some of the most crucial design elements in any home or business. They can bring a room together and unify all design elements into one cohesive aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to improve your space in Chicago, IL, Architectural Window Treatments is the best place to be. Our team works with several partners to bring you the latest trends in window treatments, whether you prefer traditional manual systems or top-of-the-line specialty shades. We’ve worked with countless clients over the years, searching for the best window treatments for homes and businesses. One of our esteemed partners, MechoSystems, creates premier motorized and automated solar shades for your perusal. Find out more about select top-sellers.


Go Traditional with Manual Shade Systems

At Architectural Window Treatments, we’re proud to offer manual shades from MechoSystems. These window treatments are on the cutting edge of solar protection and room darkening technology. MechoSystems is famed in Chicago and across the United States for one of the most comprehensive selections of manual shade systems. Manual shades offer a classic look and function with nearly endless design options.

Invest in Motorized Shades for Maximum Convenience

Motorized shades are perfect for home and business owners who value convenience. These innovative systems can be controlled remotely with precision. MechoSystems’ cutting edge WhisperShade motorized systems pair perfectly with control systems to raise and lower shades at the touch of a button. Think of the energy-efficiency and light control benefits you’ll reap every day with motorized shades from Architectural Window Treatments!

Take Advantage of Top-of-the-Line Control Systems

Motorized and automated control systems from MechoSystems are unparalleled. These remote-controlled systems provide unmatched convenience as well as a streamlined function. You’ll be able to operate your shades in hard-to-reach spots, not to mention raise and lower large window treatments you couldn’t move manually. Plus, our motorized control systems are just as quiet as manual systems. Say goodbye to gears whirring and creaking each time you raise or lower your shades. Plus, don’t forget about the money you’ll save on energy bills each month!

Keep Light Out with Room Darkening Shades

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted by the headlights of a passing car or flickering streetlamps. With room darkening window treatments from MechoSystems, you’ll no longer be awoken by a flash of light outside. At Architectural Window Treatments, we carry a wide range of blackout curtains from MechoSystems. Their classic model uses opaque vinyl materials to create a window treatment that won’t let the light leak in early in the morning. What’s more, these products are flame retardant and fade resistant for ultimate peace of mind.


Choose from a Variety of Specialty Shades

If you’re looking for something extra-special for your home or business, specialty shades from MechoSystems will do the trick. Specifically geared toward unique windows, you’re sure to find a solar shading solution that works for your space. We carry numerous examples of these stunning solar shades, including the following:

  • SkyLighter: This window treatment can use soft or flat-folded materials and allows lighting control for uniquely-shaped skylights. These treatments may work for anything requiring horizontal, angled, or bottom-up shading.  
  • Monumental Shades: Do you have oversized windows that need covering? Monumental shades are ideal as large window treatments and can protect your home or business from the sun’s rays.  
  • Bottom-Up Shades: These window treatments flip traditional shades on their head—literally! Bottom-up shades start from the ground up to cover your windows while still allowing enough light to come in.  
  • DoubleShades®:DoubleShades is the ideal choice if you’d like to put room-darkening and light-filtering fixtures on the same bracket. Using this model from MechoSystems, you can make the most of your space.  
  • Sloped Shades: If your window sits at a non-traditional angle, sloped shades might benefit you. These window treatments are designed for smooth operation and optimal light control. 
  • Fixed Shades: Fixed shades are an excellent choice if you’d like your window treatments to double as a design feature. These non-movable shades still provide superior light control.

Reach Out to Our Expert Team Today

No matter which of these window treatments you think would look best in your space, Architectural Window Treatments is here to help. We’re proud to carry these premier products from MechoSystems, and we’ll help you narrow down your options. Our team is highly experienced in motorized and automated solar shading for both Chicago, IL homes and businesses. When you work with us, you won’t need to compromise on style nor function. We’ll make sure your space becomes exactly what you envision with some help from MechoSystems’ products. Contact us today to get started.

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