FAQs About Plantation Shutters
November 24, 2017

FAQs About Plantation Shutters

Window blinds, shutters, and shades in Chicago all bring advantages to your space. Before you decide, ask yourself a few important questions to make sure you’ve got your eye on the right choice. Plantation shutters might be right for you, but find out the answers to these questions before locking them in. Think about where you’ll install them in your living space, how they’ll affect the energy efficiency of your home or workplace, and what they can do to let you control natural lighting. Continue reading for some FAQs about plantation shutters.

Where should I install my plantation shutters?

Much like window blinds and shades, there are many places where you can hang up your plantation shutters. Unlike other types of window treatments, however, you can paint your plantation shutters however you’d like to. This means you can easily fit them into any kind of design that you’ve already begun creating for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Whether you want your window coverings to blend in or completely contrast with the rest of the space, plantation shutters can provide what you’re looking for.

Will they help with my energy efficiency?

Window treatments serve many purposes. They make your space look better, control the atmosphere of the room, and help protect your furniture and flooring from ultraviolet rays. They also improve your energy efficiency by blocking out sunlight. Energy efficient windows will do a great job of controlling your indoor environment, but plantation shutters act as another line of defense. The combination of efficient windows and plantation shutters can change the way you use energy in your home or office. This keeps the indoor air just the way you like it, and it cuts down your energy bills at the same time.

How do they handle light control?

Every type of window blind or shutter should allow you to control the amount of light that comes in through your windows. Plantation shutters are made up of several slats that can be adjusted to your liking. This lets you control exactly how dark or light your space is throughout the day.

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