Exploring the Benefits of Lutron’s Commercial Shading Solutions
July 4, 2017

Exploring the Benefits of Lutron’s Commercial Shading Solutions

Shades can add beauty and sophistication to your building, but it’s important to consider function in addition to appearance when selecting window treatments. If you’re planning to enhance your commercial space with new shade installation, then read on to discover the many practical benefits to be gained from choosing shading solutions from Lutron.

Enhanced Light Control

Allowing plenty of light into your commercial space can help keep your staff happy and motivated, but it’s also important to prevent glare if you wish to promote people’s comfort. Lutron’s products include a range of automated window treatments that can help you maximize the benefits of daylight. These shades can be programmed to adjust themselves throughout the day and allow in the amount of light you prefer, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Improved Energy Savings

The light control that is offered by Lutron shading options not only allows you to improve the atmosphere of your building, but it can help you save on energy as well. By allowing an ideal amount of sunlight in during the day, you can potentially lower the electricity that you use for overhead lighting. Also, installing a Lutron motorized window shading system can help reduce the solar heat gain that your building experiences and the amount of energy needed to keep it cool. With a reduced demand for artificial lighting and air conditioning, you can look forward to energy and cost savings with a Lutron shade system.

Increased Workplace Productivity

Automated window treatments from Lutron can help boost productivity in the workplace by allowing ideal levels of sunlight into your building. Also, these products remove the need for staff members to continually adjust the shades throughout the day as the sun rises and lowers in the sky. Hyperion solar-adaptive shading software, for example, can automatically reposition Lutron Sivoia® QS shades in response to the sun’s changing position. Finally, you can even configure individual shading zones, setting each to meet specific lighting needs.

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