Deciding if Horizontal or Vertical Blinds Are Right for Your Space
November 17, 2017

Deciding if Horizontal or Vertical Blinds Are Right for Your Space

Residential and commercial blinds come in different styles, colors, and configurations. You can choose from horizontal or vertical blinds in Chicago, as both options have their places. If you’re deciding on a type of blinds, think about where the sunlight comes from in relation to your home or office. Then think about how much maintenance you can afford to provide, and keep your interior design in mind. Read ahead for help in deciding if horizontal or vertical blinds are right for your space.

Direction of Sunlight

If you want to be practical with your horizontal and vertical blinds, think about which parts of your house get the most sunlight. Windows and doors that face the north or south won’t be bombarded with direct sunlight, so in terms of controlling the light you let in, you can go with either option. The east and west sides of your house will take in more sunlight, so vertical blinds might be the ideal choice. This is because vertical blinds close sideways, while horizontal blinds close upwards or downwards. Since the eastern and western windows and doors will be in the direct line of sunlight, vertical blinds will do a better job of keeping the light out. On the other hand, horizontal blinds are a bit better when it comes to privacy.

Maintenance Requirements

Your window blinds will only last over time if you maintain them on a regular basis. While neither type of blinds is particularly difficult to clean, you might have an easier time with vertical blinds. That’s because you can dust or sweep each of your vertical blinds in one motion. When cleaning horizontal blinds, you need to watch out for strings and cords that could get in the way.

Space Design

Don’t forget to think about what the rest of your interior design looks like when choosing between horizontal and vertical blinds. Both options are available in different colors, styles, and textures, but the orientation of the slats plays a role in your overall design as well.

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