Common Questions About Residential Motorized Shades
May 16, 2017

Common Questions About Residential Motorized Shades

Homeowners picking out motorized and automated window treatments often have several questions before making their final picks. Homeowners may wish to know the design options and the benefits that come with certain window treatments, such as window shades. Read on for the answers to homeowners’ common questions about motorized and automated window shades .

What are the most common types of motorized shades?

The most common types of motorized and automated shades are roller and honeycomb shades. Both shade types come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any window size and shape. Roller shades typically consist of a woven piece of fabric that easily slides down the length of a window. Roller shades can be thick or thin to allow in light and privacy as homeowners see fit. Honeycomb shades are made of multiple pieces of fabric that connect to form hundreds of cells between the front and back layers. These extra cells provide extra insulation.

What are the benefits of choosing motorized shades?

There are incredible benefits that come from choosing any type of motorized and automated window treatments, such as lower energy bills and reduced fading of interior furnishings. Honeycomb window shades are exceptional insulators due to the hundreds of individual cells that trap cold and hot air. This extra insulation prevents air from leaking into or out of the house and reduces the number of times the HVAC system must turn on. Using an automated and motorized option allows homeowners the ability to raise or lower their window shades according to the sun’s placement in the sky, and this will reduce the amount of fading from the sun’s rays.

What are the design options for motorized shades?

Window shades come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes to match every homeowner’s interior décor and personal preference. In addition to countless color options, homeowners can also choose from different fabric designs, such as a floral pattern, polka dots, or damask.

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