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A Shopping Guide for Shades and Blinds

When you are on the hunt for shades and blinds in Chicago , it is important to remember a few key factors that can lead you to the right window treatments. Keep reading to find out how to find the perfect shades or blinds for your needs. Take Window Measurements Before You Shop It will […]

How Automated Shading Systems Enhance an Office Space

When you install an automated shading system in your office space , you will able to boost the productivity of your employees while also cutting back on your energy bills. With an automated shading system, you will be able to automatically open and close your shades throughout the day. As a result, you...

Natural Light Exposure Can Help Improve Employee Productivity

If you are seeking a simple and effective means of improving the productivity in your workplace, you may want to consider updating your window treatments. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light provides many positive benefits to employees who are on the clock. At Architectural Window Treatments,...

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