Automated and motorized window treatments can certainly bring your home or business into the 21 st century. But they can also help you reduce your totally energy costs. Why automated window treatments when manual blinds and shades will do? Because all it takes to operate motorized blinds and shades is the touch of a button, which means you’re more likely to utilize your window treatments and thus more likely to enjoy the energy benefits. Speaking of which, here’s a closer look at the energy benefits of automated window treatments.

The biggest advantage of automated window treatments is that they can help regulate the temperature inside your home or business so you can cut back on your heating and cooling costs. In the summertime, motorized blinds and shades can be drawn to reduce heat gain by as much as 50 percent. Blinds and shades can also help insulate your home or business to keep cool air indoors. During the winter months, motorized window treatments can reduce heat loss by as much as 25 percent at night, which means you won’t need to run the furnace as often or as long.

Achieve Optimum Energy Savings

Manual blinds and shades offer the same level of energy performance as automated window treatments, so why go with motorized blinds and shades? For the simple reason that automated blinds and shades are much easier to operate and can therefore help you achieve optimum energy savings throughout the year. After all, would you rather go around your home in the summer closing all the blinds in the morning by hand or with one touch of your finger? A motorized window treatment installation provider in Chicago can provide you with an intuitive control solution to effectively manage all of the blinds and shades for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.

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