A Homeowner’s Guide to Picking Out Window Blinds
March 10, 2016

A Homeowner’s Guide to Picking Out Window Blinds

Whether you are moving into a new home, or are planning on redecorating your current property, it is important to choose window treatments that are both functional and stylish. As you are shopping for new window treatments, you may want to explore the fantastic benefits that automated window treatments have to offer you. From motorized blinds to automated curtains and more, your automated blinds installer can provide you with a variety of window treatments near Chicago . With your new motorized blinds, you can control your window treatments with the push of a button. Read on for a closer look at some essential tips for picking out window blinds.

Consider Slat Width

When you are picking out new blinds for your home, the first factor that you will want to consider is your slat width. Motorized blinds come in a variety of slat width, and the slats that you choose will have a dramatic impact on the final look of your window treatment installation. For a classic look, you may want to select blinds that have 2 inch slats.

Evaluate Slat Orientation

Along with picking out a slat width that pairs with your home’s interior décor, you will also need to consider the slat orientation of your new blinds. Motorized blinds are available with either horizontal or vertical slats. While horizontal slats are a great choice for conventional windows, vertical slats may be a better fit for sliding glass doors, patio doors, or larger windows.

Ask About Materials

A final factor to consider when you are shopping for new window blinds is the materials that you will select for your installation. Vinyl is among the most popular materials for today’s motorized blinds. Many homeowners choose vinyl blinds due to the material’s durability, ease of maintenance, and overall appeal. With the help of your motorized blind specialist in Chicago, you can pick out the right blinds for your property.

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